Avian Test services


Karnieli Ltd is offering bird breeders and veterinaries all over the world a panel of avian diagnosis services taking advantage of our state of the art technology and service in the most affordable prices.

The lab offers

  • Avian Gender determination (DNA sexing) to over 500 different breads!
  • Avian pathogen diagnosis Chlamydophila, Beak and feather disease virus, Polyoma Virus, Herpes virus (Patcheco's Disease), Salmonella and Mycoplasma.
  • Avian bacterial growth and sensitivity Aerobic, Anaerobic and fungal.
  • DNA banking .


The Best service with the Best Price!!!


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Send us an email for free blood sampling kits - vet@karnieli.com


The price includes a separate lab certificate per bird.


Results via email are expected within 2-3 business days from arrival of the sample to the lab.





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